Hello everyone reading this! I wanted to write this blog post to really tell you about me. I won’t lie, being transparent and maybe even vulnerable about who I am is a scary thing! Especially putting it on the internet! But I have a real desire to show who I am and get to know who all of you are, I want to know your stories and your loves and all about your lives and really connect with you! So to start, I am one of 10 children. I am number 3, I have 2 older brothers and 7 younger siblings. Growing up in a big family can be a challenge but now that we’re all older it’s great, I simple LOVE and adore all of my 21 nieces and nephews and get to help out babysitting pretty often, which I love. That being said, I wish I had my own!

I am actually divorced and have been for nearly 6 years now. My marriage was not a good situation and he was actually abusive, which is something I haven’t opened up about publicly like this, but in an effort to be open I want anyone reading this to know that if you are in that kind of situation never hesitate to reach out. And for those watching someone in that situation, same thing, never hesitate to reach out, I will always support you or answer any questions. I was also engaged last year and broke off the engagement, that was incredibly difficult for me but coming out on the other side of it, I am SO incredibly grateful that things didn’t work out the way I once wanted them to, not only with my engagement but also with my marriage. I have never been in a better personal situation than I am now, having come out of each of those very difficult situations stronger. I have learned more about myself, and I am really learning to love myself. I am learning to love feelings, to embrace change, and to become who I want and am meant to be

Now for the fun stuff! I LOVE my little dog Gabbi, she’s a miniature schnauzer and my best buddy. I love always doing my nails, I love chocolate and I’m a big food lover. Food is good people and I’m all about it haha. I love bubble baths and I am literally obsessed with my music. I listen to music constantly and get fairly worked up over songs that I’m currently crushing on, I feel the need to share them with everyone I know! I also love quotes; my Pinterest is literally LOADED with them. I am a Rachel Hollis lover, as are many I know, it’s nothing unique but I adore her. I love naps and Netflix. And as you may have already guessed I LOVE photography and being a photographer. I love connecting with people, and getting to know more about my clients and each of their stories. I love the smiles and laughs and good times, I LIVE for when I’m shooting and get those shots that get me fired up, that I know in my soul are exactly what I want. I love the editing and reliving the session and seeing my vision come to life. I love your reactions to seeing your sessions after I’m finished with them and get such a rush from your excitement.

All in all, throughout this thing called life, I have learned that life ebbs and flows. There are seasons to everything. It is how it is meant to be and what keeps us all moving and trying. It’s why we get back up after we fail or trip and fall. Accepting these ebbs and flows is a continuing learning process for me, but one that I have hope in and one that I know adds to who I am, little by little. Slowly becoming more of who I am. I am excited to share more of me with all of you and hope to learn more about all of you in return.