Chase & Olivia

Punta Cana was every single bit as amazing as I dreamt it would be and as I was told it would be. White sand, balmy weather right around 86 degrees, water that was the PERFECT temperature, it was literally paradise!

I was able to go a few days prior to Chase & Olivia’s wedding, while there I did a couple’s session for a friend that was there to attend their wedding and the night before the wedding, we did their bridals, which are pictured here.

The sunset was every photographer’s dream that night and there was a light breeze, just enough to move the air and Olivia’s beautiful hair. Her dress was a beaded dream that went from fitted to flowy, just the right combination for a gorgeous destination beach wedding!

Chase & Olivia are a beautiful, fun loving, adventurous couple who enjoy things such as hiking and cross-country skiing. They are also every photographer’s dream because from engagements, to their destination bridals and wedding they were up for anything. They photographed beautifully as you can see and are so comfortable together. You can truly see that they are marrying their best friend.

One thing that I remember Olivia said in her vows was “…marrying you was the easiest thing I’ve ever done”. Their vows were so filled with love it was all I could do not to cry. Who gets lucky enough to find their best friend, adventure with them and get married in the beautiful Dominican Republic? Oh, that would be Chase & Olivia. Here’s to you both <3